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Thank you for your interest in advertising at Bloggy Giveaways! The contact form is at the bottom of the page.

I offer several advertising options:

  • Sponsored posts, which are giveaways hosted on your website. Free until March 15, 2016.
  • Hosted Giveaways, which are giveaways hosted here on Bloggy Giveaways. Free until March 15, 2016.
  • Sidebar advertising. I offer 300×250, 125×125, and text links.
  • Sharing via our Bloggy Giveaways Facebook Fan Page. Free until March 15, 2016.
  • Link up your giveaway. Always Free!

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts on Bloggy Giveaways allow you to promote your own giveaway or contest that resides on your website. The template I use for sponsored posts is designed to give you the most bang for your buck! You’ll share

  • Your blog or website name and URL
  • A short description of your site
  • What you’re giving away (you may include one image — maximum width 300 pixels)
  • How to enter (including a link to your site, of course)
  • Who is eligible to win (countries, ages, etc.)

Please note that to be eligible for a sponsored post, the item(s) you’re giveaway must have a total retail value of $50, not including shipping.

If you are interested in a sponsored post at Bloggy Giveaways, please complete the form below.

Hosted Giveaways

The template for hosted giveaways is similar to that of the sponsored post, but you’ll be able to include up to four images (200×200 each), and, if you like, a special offer for Bloggy Giveaways readers. In total you’ll share

  • Your blog or website name and URL
  • A short description of your site or product
  • What you’re giving away
  • Images of your product
  • How to enter (see below for a description of how I handle that)
  • Who is eligible to win
  • Special offer for Bloggy Giveaways readers

Giveaways run for five days. Entries to your hosted giveaway will be via a Rafflecopter form here on Bloggy Giveaways. The winner will have three days to claim their prize. When I receive their information I will send it to you and cc: them on the email. YOU are responsible for shipping your prize to the winner within 3 weeks of receiving the contact information.

I’ve worked hard to make Bloggy Giveaways a value-driven site. I encourage my readers to visit a vendor’s web site before leaving a comment as entry into a giveaway. This so-called ‘hoop’ serves two purposes:

  1. My readers are introduced to a company and become more familiar with its products. By asking them to visit the vendors’ sites, there is a higher likelihood the reader will bookmark the site for later purchases.
  2. My vendors receive a boost in traffic during a giveaway.

Please note that to be eligible for a sponsored giveaway post, the item(s) you’re giving away must have a total retail value of $50, not including shipping.

Overall, it’s a pretty good deal: You get advertising for your product, and I handle the major details and management of the giveaway so you don’t have to! You can sit back, relax, and not do a thing until you ship out the prize.

If you are interested in hosting a giveaway at Bloggy Giveaways, please complete the form below.

Sidebar Ads

If you’d prefer to advertise in the Bloggy Giveaways sidebar, no problem! We offer three options:

  • 300×250 ad option. These ads are placed on a first come, first served basis. When one ad expires, the next one will move up. These larger sidebar ads are limited to three at a time, but we do offer a waiting list. Ads are $10 per month.
  • 125×125 ad option. These ads are stacked and appear in a random order. Ads are $5 per month.
  • Text link. These are text links back to your website without an image. Ads are $5 per month.

If you are interested in purchasing sidebar advertising space at Bloggy Giveaways, please complete the form below.

Additional Considerations

I reserve the right to edit, approve, or refuse all advertising content. I do not accept animated or flashing images of any kind.

Sharing to the Bloggy Giveaways Facebook Page Community

If you’d like me to share your giveaway on our Facebook page, here’s how that works:

  • Your giveaway must have a retail value of $25 before shipping, otherwise I won’t share it.
  • I will post a link to your giveaway on the Bloggy Giveaways Facebook Page. You can only share one time each day, but you can come back and share every day that your giveaway is live!
  • I reserve the right to refuse to share any giveaway that I deem inappropriate.

If you are interested in posting your giveaway at the Bloggy Giveaways Facebook Page, complete the form below.

LINK UP A GIVEAWAY (Prizes less than $75)

For giveaways with a retail value (not including shipping) of less than $75 OR your giveaway is ending within 48 hours, you can add your giveaway to the current Giveaway Linky.  Note that the giveaway must currently be active/live at the link provided.

How to add your link:  If you have a giveaway going on that begins or ends within the listed week, you can link it up once per day to get more exposure (and entries)! When leaving your link, please follow this format:

Link: URL to the giveaway post (the permalink), NOT the main site URL.

Link Title: Giveaway name/item/value, end date and the countries eligible to enter (i.e. US, US/CAN, WW)

* Note:  Duplicate listings will be deleted.  Please only list giveaways here.  We reserve the right to edit, approve, or refuse all submitted content. We are a family friendly site.  Any content we deem to be inappropriate will not be approved and/or will be removed without notification.