Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Guidelines

Obviously, you can hold whatever kind of giveaway you want at your own site.  But if you’re going to link up with this one, I ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

1. The Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival is simply a carnival. You host a giveaway at your own blog, for anything you like–something you’ve made, something you’ve bought, etc.  Be creative!  Make it
something that is reflective of you.

You will ask readers to leave a comment ON YOUR POST in order to be entered in your giveaway.  Then you’ll leave a link to your giveaway post back here at the main “catalog” of giveaways.

2. Go live with your giveaway anytime during the week of the carnival.  Leave a link directly to your giveaway post at the Mr. Linky at Bloggy Giveaways–it will be going up at 8 am CST on Monday, May 4.  Also, and this is important, you must link directly to your giveaway post in my Mr. Linky with a permalink.

3. The post containing the links to all the participants will be at the top of my blog all week.  The idea being, of course, to direct as much traffic and comments your way as possible! I will close the Mr. Linky listing all of the giveaways at 5:00pm CST on Friday, May 8.

4. Open your post for comments, and you can draw a winner from the comments you receive. It is YOUR responsibility to alert the winners. Do not expect them to find your site again and see if they’ve won. I expect to have over 1,000 entries to this carnival and it will be impossible to remember what you have and have not signed up for.

5. Please, this is a giveaway, not a SALE.  Items offered for sale instead of for free will be removed from the list.

6. Please choose your winners by Saturday, May 9. It is YOUR responsibility to alert the winners. Do not expect them to find your site again and see if they’ve won. I expect to have
over 1,000 entries to this carnival and it will be impossible to remember what you have and have not signed up for.

I will host a different Mr. Linky beginning on Friday, May 8 so you can link over to your post announcing the winner, just to make it easier for everyone. If we don’t have any spam problems, I’ll leave it up until Sunday, May 10. I’ll have to close it at that time to make way for the weekly giveaways since it will be back to business as usual at on May 11.

7. Please have your contest open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

8.  Items that will not be accepted as part of the giveway:

  • Anything of a non-family-friendly nature.  If I’d be embarrassed for my kids to see it, I won’t let you link to it from here.
  • “Percent off” coupons.  Item must be offered entirely for free (including shipping).
  • Items that require any type of payment (even for charity) in return.
  • Items clearly meant to poke fun at the intent of this giveaway carnival–and I’m the final judge of that.
  • I’m sorry to even have to say this, but p0rn-type books are not allowed. Not even a little bit. Not my style, not something I’m going to promote–and I’m the final judge of that.

9. As part of your giveaway, please cover the cost of shipping to your winner.

10. While I expect that the majority of participants will be from the U.S., please note there will be several international participants as well.  I leave it up to you whether you want to open up
your contest to international participants–the shipping, of course, would be more expensive.  Please be up front about this in your giveaway post.

11. Want to put the button on your site?  Just use this code:

<p><a href=””><img alt=”Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival
Button”  src=”” border=”0″

12. Please place a link to on your blog. Just placing the button in your post or sidebar isn’t enough. You need to have an actual text link back here–in your giveaway post–that is clearly labeled Bloggy Giveaways (or your entry may be deleted).

How to Use Mr. Linky During the Carnival

Please enter your information into Mr. Linky as follows:
Your Name: 3-word example of what you’re giving away (shipping info)
Your URL: type in the permalink for your giveaway

Please don’t enter the name of your blog or your name–there isn’t enough room.

Name: Jane Eyre DVD (international shipping)

Name: Jane Eyre DVD (US only)

I can just about guarantee that you will have more traffic if you post your giveaway as I’ve shown above. The reason? People want to know which giveaways are a fit with them and will visit those that are. If you’re vague or don’t put what your giveaway is or where you’ll ship, many readers pass your link by in favor of a clear description. Please don’t get carried away with your description, though. Three words is enough and makes it easier for me to have 2 columns without any cut-off on the sides.

Note: International shipping can be to Canada only, world-wide, or a combo. It can include US + at least one other country. If if you’re shipping only  to US, please put US only.

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