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Like many new moms, I struggled with being mom-me. I had to trade in my stilettos for sneakers, my skirts for sweats, and that was fine with me, no biggie. I had a beautiful baby boy, the love of my life, that’ all that mattered to me, but it was just so difficult to find clothes that were comfy and not frumpy!

DivasNBabes is committed to mommy/baby empowerment. All of our apparel are conceptualized and created by real mama-divas and their babes for real mama-divas and their babes. DivasNBabes is also committed to social consciousness. Our apparel is sweatshop-free and made in the USA.

You can find DivasNBabes on these social media sites:

What they’re giving away:
We’ll have four winners for this one!

One winner will receive a tank with High fashion, high maintenance, high chair.

One winner will receive a tank with I am at work!

Two winners will receive a t-shirt with Yes my baby is loud. No we’re not moving!

How you can win:
Please visit DivasNBabes. Don’t you just love this stuff? I’m telling you. . . it almost makes me want to have another baby so I can buy another sling! And I would have proudly worn these shirts as I was running around with my toddlers. After you’re done looking around, please come back here and leave me a comment saying which Diva tee is your favorite. Hard to choose, right?

Please remember:

  1. You can only enter once! I have a great little plug-in that helps me keep track of your IP address. I can see if you have entered more than once. I won’t contact you, but I will automatically label your IP to be marked as spam and deleted.
  2. I do read the comments. The point of having you comment on the product is to help the vendors I showcase. They enjoy reading your comments and ideas. If you leave a generic comment that doesn’t answer the “How you can win” info, you will not win.

Who is eligible:
Everyone, everywhere! You don’t have to be a blogger to win, just supply a valid e-mail address.

When the giveaway ends:
Saturday, April 4. I’ll e-mail the winner(s), and results are always posted here as well. If the winner doesn’t respond within four business days, a new winner will be drawn.

Special offer for Bloggy Giveaways readers:
Bloggy Giveaways reader will receive 20% off your entire order with discount code BG20! There is no expiration.

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