How to buy clothing on a budget

Shopping can be fun for many but getting a great deal can be even more  rewarding. There is a wide variety of designers and retailers so, it’s more than possible to buy quality, stylish clothing for everyone in the family – even if you’re on a tight budget.

When you carefully budget your money, plan ahead and shop wisely, it’s easy to pick up pieces without feeling guilty about spending and have the chance to save some money in the same time.

Shop Around

Before heading to the mall, write out what you plan to buy. That way, you’ll be less tempted to over spend. When making big purchases, such as a new house, you have to shop around and take your time. Unless it’s a great deal, chances are you will not act on it immediately. The same goes for clothing. Scour different stores and websites until you find the item you want at the price that fits your price range. Don’t forget about newer stores. While there are plenty of established stores, there are several new ones on the rise that can be just as great.

Invest in classics

Sometimes it’s best to splurge on a piece. When you buy wardrobe staples, like black trousers, a great fitting pair of jeans and a blazer, it’s you can spend a little more money. These are items that tend to be of better quality, fit well and will last you a long time. Again, because of the variety of designers it is easy to find great value denim jackets, dresses and other wardrobe classics. So while it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on these timeless pieces, know that it is permissible to spend more as long as you will get great use out of them over time.

Know sales schedules

All stores have sales. If you have a favorite store, figure out its sales pattern and wait to purchase something when it is discounted. You’ll save a ton of money and feel better about your purchase. The best time to buy clothes is during the off season when they are significantly marked down. For example, spring is great for purchasing winter clothes and coats. Early fall is the best time to buy spring and summer pieces, especially shoes.

Look at the bigger picture

Instead of just buying one article of clothing because you like it, consider how it can be made into an entire outfit. Before you buy anything, think of other pieces you already own or that you intend to purchase and if it will pair well with them. Do you have pants or a blazer that would go well with that blouse? If not, maybe it’s not the best piece to buy at the moment, as it may sit in your closet untouched because you cannot incorporate it into an outfit.

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