How to stay Motivated at Work

Everyone wishes to accomplish certain things, yet you never seem to find the right time to do it.

I see family, friends and even myself struggling to get up and do tasks and chores. Quite often people face issues on how to stay organized at work.

Just do it

For example, no matter how tired I am, I look at my sink and I see all the dirty dishes and I think that it will take ages to clean. Instead of ignoring it and letting more cutlery pile up, I jump up do the task and do the dishes!

One less thing to worry about.

Try to do the same. Not only will you feel more free but your conscience will be clear and you can move on or relax. I try to do this several times during the day.

More Exercise

Maybe this is an obvious point but let me share my thoughts on this. I used to be very active in the gym and always wanted the perfect body with abs etc.

I sacrificed my time to work out and not work to achieve financial freedom. When I almost reached the body I wanted to have I, realized I spent loads of money and I’m no where near financial freedom. Now I turned it around and I’m focusing on working hard to be free and I tell myself that I will get that body back once I have time.

I quickly noticed that I am unhappy looking at the mirror though and therefore I started exercising occasionally. This helps to clear thoughts of annoying things (such as work) and you will feel vitalized and full of energy after.

By exercising I don’t necessarily mean to hit the gym. You could try any of the following;

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Weight lifting
  • Running/ Jogging
  • Going for walks
  • Swimming
  • Sports

The list is endless. As long as you get around and move a little it will be fine. Donating to charity can also help with your motivation in general.

Additional Motivation

Here are some more tips staying motivated. In order to keep motivation levels up, you should try and track your progress. This can be done on paper or anywhere really.

I like to look at my website for example and see how much content I’ve gotten together already.

When I used to hit the gym regularly I would take one picture every Monday morning and see my progress. So it can be applied to anything. Tracking progress helps me realize how much time and effort has been put into my work and what results I’ve gotten.

It also makes me feel like it would be a waste to throw it all away after so much effort.

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There is a quote from Cicero that I like a lot, and it says: "Frugality includes all the other virtues"


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