Update: Website Sold

Update: The website has a new owner now. I’ve spent the last four months deliberating whether to keep Bloggy Giveaways open. This site has become a fun place to promote products and businesses that cater to women, and I am very proud that it has grown to this scale. In fact, it’s become so successful that the behind-the-scenes work required to administrate the site has required me to reconsider some professional priorities. My passion is in the behind-the-scenes coding and development of blogs, not in product marketing.

After discussing my options with Shannon (who originally started Bloggy Giveaways), we’ve decided to sell Bloggy Giveaways. If you are interested in more information (serious inquiries only, please), contact me for more details at askchilihead AT gmail dot com.

I want you to know that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and building a community. You are the reason Bloggy Giveaways is a success. I wish you luck and prosperity.

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Melanie Nelson

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