Ways to save money when moving house

We all know that moving house can be expensive, I have moved cross country twice!  So, this article is about how you can save money when moving and selling your home.

Before you even look at putting your home on the market it pays to get a friend to take a look at your house and help you make sure you are presenting it as best as you can.  If you do not feel you can ask a friend then often taking photographs of each rooms allows you to see the flaws and improvements that you can make.

Choosing your Estate Agent

One of the main ways you can save money when selling your house is to ensure that you have the right estate agent for your needs.  You can use a traditional estate agent or you can choose to sell your home yourself.

Once you have made your choice then make sure you negotiate your fee and your tie in length of time.  Be clear on your requirements and what your expectations of an agent are.

Solicitor or Conveyancer?

You can decide to select the cheaper option of online conveyancing or you can choose a local solicitor, . You need to comfortable with your choice and in the past we have done both.  Fees are again negotiable here. Haggle, and attempt to play off each one against the other to get yourself the best service at the best price

Removal Firm or Self Move?

As the majority of our moves have been across country we have used removal firms in the past and  even though our last move was just 12 miles, it worked out better value for us to use a removal firm.  Especially once we had looked at hiring a van, insurance and taking in to account all the family help we would have needed. We actually haggled and they threw in packing with the price, which with a 4 month old baby was a huge relief.

What ever you chose make sure that you are clear with your instructions and expectations.  This makes dealing with so many parties much easier.

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There is a quote from Cicero that I like a lot, and it says: "Frugality includes all the other virtues"

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